We set out with a production approach that prioritizes quality.

We have prioritized quality since the day we set off with the slogan of Quality in Exhaust. GAPSAN OTOMOTİV closely follows the rapidly developing production technology in the world in an area of ​​7500 m2, 4,000 m2 of which is closed, in the Sanliurfa Organized Industrial Zone, with CNC machines, with continuously increasing product varieties, without compromising the understanding of total quality principle. Aluminum coated and chrome plated pipes of various diameters and thicknesses, galvanized, aluminum and chrome plated sheets of various thicknesses, and heat resistant glass fiber are used in the production. All of the exhaust parts are processed and produced in our company. All parts produced in our company are combined with advanced technology CNC pressing and welding machines and offered for sale. Quality controls that need to be done at every stage of production are regularly carried out by our technical staff. The aim as GAPSAN OTOMOTİV; to present the quality to our customers without any problems. GAPSAN OTOMOTİV serves all its customers both at home and abroad by prioritizing customer satisfaction by adopting the systematic marketing approach as a principle. Turkey’s our delivery vehicles every need we have in place, we are both contracted shipping companies and products we deliver our customers with minimum cost and fastest way.