About Us


We set out with a production approach that prioritizes quality.

Ope­ra­ting in the Auto­mo­ti­ve supply in­dustry since 1965, our com­pany has been con­ti­nu­o­us its ex­ha­ust and ex­ha­ust pipe pro­duc­ti­on with an ever-inc­re­asing qu­ality prin­cip­le since 1996. Gap­san Auto­mo­ti­ve, en­co­ura­ged by its long-stan­ding tra­ding his­tory, has star­ted to ex­port its pro­ducts to all the Midd­le East and Cent­ral Asia co­unt­ri­es, in par­ti­cu­lar to the ne­igh­bo­uring co­unt­ri­es. Ha­ving star­ted as a small ate­li­er and gro­wing ra­pidly in a short time, it has ac­hi­eved its place among the re­pu­tab­le com­pa­ni­es of the re­gi­on in par­ti­cu­lar, and of our co­untry in ge­ne­ral. With its tra­ding his­tory of al­most half a cen­tury and ha­ving been ma­nu­fac­tu­ring ex­ha­ust and ex­ha­ust pro­ducts with the name of GAP­SAN AUTO­MO­TI­VE since 1996, our com­pany is doing its best to meet the re­qu­ire­ments of its cus­to­mers with its kind of more than 2500 pro­ducts.

Pre­sently, it is con­ti­nu­o­us its pro­duc­ti­on ac­ti­vi­ti­es in the GAP­SAN AUTO­MO­TI­VE fac­tory bu­il­ding lo­ca­ted in Şan­lı­ur­fa Or­ga­ni­ze In­dust­ri­al Zone . As one of the re­pu­tab­le pro­du­cers of our co­untry in its field of ac­ti­vity, GAP­SAN AUTO­MO­TI­VE is mar­ke­ting its range of pro­ducts both wit­hin the co­untry and in­ter­na­ti­onal mar­ke­ting. It is our aim to pre­sent every pro­duct ne­eded by our cus­to­mers both in ac­cor­dan­ce with the stan­dards and for ad­van­ta­ge pri­ces. Be­si­de pro­du­cing ex­ha­ust sys­tems and equ­ip­ments for all the ve­hic­le mo­dels, GAP­SAN AUTO­MO­TI­VE also of­fers cus­tom-de­sign ex­ha­usts on order. As a re­sult of its pro­duc­ti­on ac­ti­vi­ti­es in ac­cor­dan­ce with the ad­van­ced tech­no­logy and high qu­ality stan­dards, the qu­ality of GAP­SAN AUTO­MO­TI­VE pro­ducts has been app­ro­ved by in­ter­na­ti­onal cer­ti­fi­ca­tes of qu­ality.